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Don Hensley is a former sportswriter and current manager of Honda's North America Corporate Communications department. He has been with Honda since 2001. Prior to that he spent 13 years as a sportswriter for various newspapers, before spending the last 10 with the Bellefontaine Examiner where he served as sports editor and managing editor. Hensley got to know the Brunswick family through covering Greg Peitsmeyer's Bellefontaine football teams and Mark Brunswick's Bellefontaine baseball teams.


"I was thrilled when the Brunswick family asked me to write Lou's biography. What an incredible honor and opportunity to get to know Lou," Hensley said. "I always knew he was a great baseball coach ... but it is the rest of the story that really needed to be told. There aren't a lot of Lou Brunswick's left in this world and we need to cherish them while we can."


When asked if he has a favorite part of the book, Hensley was quick to cite chapter 4.

"It's heartbreaking, but the story about Lou and his brother in the Korean War has to be the one chapter in the book that people will not expect," Hensley said. "When Lou first gave me the stack of letters between his brother Clete and his mom and then Lou and his mom, I knew this would be like nothing I had ever written."

Don and his wife Diane started Rounding Third Publishers, LLC in order to print the books and later help others self publish their own works. The two were married in 2007 and have a son Joe.


You can follow Hensley on Facebook at Don Hensley Jr. or on Twitter @DeHensley.


Lou Brunswick can be followed on Facebook at Louis Brunswick

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